New Year, New Me, New Home?

New Years resolution. 

Maybe this new home goal rings a bell? 

If you waited until January to put your house on the market, or begin house hunting, welcome to the pool of the hundreds of others who are doing exactly the same.

Maybe you’ve come across your dream home, but guess what? You’re going to get outbid! Why? For every property out there you’re willing to pay X amount more for, there’s someone out there who has that little bit more liquid cash. That someone is willing to bump up their Offer to secure this property that turns out to be their dream home too. 

Buying a New Home this year? 

Here’s some advice:

Always have a buffer. Go in low (On the nose or just £5K under the asking price) and leave yourself room to increase your Offer so that you don’t get out bid.

Don’t over stretch yourself. Look at properties just under your budget in order to leave room for unexpected costs: if you have money left over at the end – even better.

Make sure you view the property both in the day and night. 

What vibe do you get? Are there people hanging on the corner? Is parking going to be an issue during peak times?

These are all things to take in to consideration.

Don’t forget to read up on the local area. What kind of crime takes place? Are you moving in to the middle of a gang war zone or a place that is renown for home burglary?

Remember that buying a new home is a long term thing, you can’t simply press undo or get a refund after living there for a month of feeling uncomfortable. Don’t be hasty, shop around and trust your instinct. 

Happy first Monday of the New Year and Happy House Hunting!

Feel free to share your House woes and House Wins with me ⤸

Twitter: @AshantaLC

Instagram: @Ashanta_

LinkedIn: Ashanta Charm 

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