Treat your marriage like a business…

It felt like it was only yesterday I was celebrating the New Year on my pretty impressive street filled with flame throwers, balancing acts and a bit of limbo.

As January draws to a close, I sit here and reflect on something my husband and I have really clung to.

Weekly check-ins!

That’s right. We sit at the table, discuss what we’ve got on the week ahead, goals we hope to achieve and general syncing of our diaries with the kids.

This element of our marriage we’ve decided to treat like a business.


We both work in quite high pressure environments, are familiar with targets and throw ourselves in to our roles in such a way, that we couldn’t possibly lose all that goodness to our jobs and miss out in the development of our personal life.

This has been an amazing, welcome change and something we’ll most definitely keep up.

Give it a try. Whether you live with flat mates, family, your kid or alone. A weekly check in to hash out expectations, highlight problem areas and generally know the direction you’re heading in is powerful and a recipe for fulfilment.

That’s all.

Happy month end 😁

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