Be clear and upfront with your boundaries & expectations

I’m a “get to the headline” kind of woman. I address the elephant in the room, I’m clear and upfront with my expectations and often want to be clear on others expectations of me.

When you are clear, there is minimal room for assumptions and unfulfilled wants.

Often, people feel as if they’re at a power disadvantage in their role or at their workplace resulting in a “put up and shut up” culture.

You can be clear with what you expect and what you won’t tolerate regardless of your level, who you report to or who reports to you.

Amongst the competitive salaries, employee benefits and OTE, most just want to feel valued, respected and have full autonomy of their day. Something that is inexpensive and not too strenuous.

Something I wish I learned at school is that you can make an impact in whatever space you occupy. The ability to add value and be influential in a space knows no boundaries. The ability to take ownership of how you feel and how you make others feel is effortless but oh so effective!

It costs absolutely nothing to keep your colleagues happy. And it’s free to be a nice person.

Be clear and upfront with your boundaries & expectations, but also be respectful of the boundaries and expectations of others!

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