Mortgage Enthusiast. Financial Hacker & Credit Crusher

My name is Ashanta Charm and I created the “TellMeElleCee, Things They Didn’t Teach Us at School” initiative in 2018.

Why TellMeElleCee?

The initials of my middle names are L and C.

The purpose of this initiative has always been to share Hacks & All Things Finance.

The tag line of the blog is, “Things they didn’t teach us at school”

This is because I believe the reason for the huge knowledge gap around credit, finance and the house buying process is due to this not being taught in schools and subsequently not being common knowledge.

Over the years working in the bank, finance sector and offering Mortgage Advice, I have picked up a lot of gems that I just can’t keep to myself.

I purchased my first home when I was 21 and didn’t get my first credit card until I was 22. A lot of my knowledge around credit and my finances growing up was fed to me by my mother, however as times have evolved, so has fraud, interest rates and rip off pay day loans amongst other schemes targeted at the uninformed. 

Knowledge is power, so let’s be powerful and well informed together! – A.C