Thank you Taylor Walsh – Milton Keynes Office

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I wanted to find the most impactful way to get the message out there and give the relevant people involved their praise.

I’m a researcher. I search hashtags, I read reviews and I ask around. Hopefully someone will stumble across this hashtag, read this post and decide to work with Taylor Walsh.

We had a really hard time selling our flat and finding a house that ticked all of our boxes. When we initially put our flat on the market with Taylor Walsh, they found us a buyer within 2 weeks and we had an offer accepted on a house they were selling. Unfortunately the vendors of the house we were buying pulled out very last minute and the whole chain crumbled. We had to let our buyers down and took our property off of the market. Fast forward 5 months, with a refreshed kitchen and no prospects of an onward purchase, we put our flat on the market (once again with Taylor Walsh) on a bank holiday and we had around 9 viewings booked in for the first working day and they were coming in thick and fast. We accepted an offer after our property had only been on the market for 2 days and the pressure was piled on! We had to find an onward purchase and the market was dry! Unfortunately we had to buy a house using a different agent as this time round Taylor Walsh didn’t have any properties that suited our requirements. The other agent wasn’t the greatest and we really saw a contrast in service and culture.

In short Taylor Walsh has always come through and it was amazing working with the team. A special mention to Felicity, Christian and George. Our target was to complete on/before the stamp duty holiday cut off and we made it! We appreciate you and hope this post drives much more business to you!

Christian/George got people through the door and negotiated the right price for our sale.

Felicity dealt with the post offer/gritty solicitor bits. She provided regular updates, was extremely patient and often worked in her personal time to get this over the line for us. She was firm, to the point and always kept us in the loop whether the update was favourable or not.

Thank you Taylor Walsh.

**Our property had previously been on the Market with Purple Bricks and British Home Sellers for a collective total of around 10 Months with no Offers made. We had more viewings scheduled with Taylor Walsh after being with them for only a week, than we did after being with Purple Bricks for 7 Months and British Home Sellers for 3 Months.